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On July 13, 2022, our world changed.  A trip to the walk in clinic quickly turned to possible leukemia. We were admitted to the hospital, and found out after a bone marrow biopsy Zach had aplastic anemia. He spent 7 days in the hospital running tests and getting transfusions. We were able to quickly get a workup to see if any of us were a 10-10 match for Zach to get a transplant with St. Jude’s. None of us were, and he had no matches in the National registry.

We were left with two options: try an immunotherapy drug and pray there were no side effects or seek counsel else where. After much prayer, we decided to move forward with the transplant if God opened those doors. God opened the doors and has continued to do so. He will receive a haploidentical (5-10 match) transplant at John Hopkins in Florida Oct. 20th. Julianna (Juju), his sister, is set to be the donor.

Please continue to be in prayer for both my babies as we set out on this journey. I know God’s hand has been on every step of it so far. He has a plan!  I pray Zach’s story will be a testimony to others of how God can move mountains and make a way even when we don’t see it. 


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