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Beth McMurry is the happiest, most genuine and loving mother of four beautiful children: Henry, William, Teddy, and Frances. On April 18th, she was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
This cancer starts in the bone marrow and moves quickly into the blood. Her first round of treatment was Cytarabine, which is done over 24 hours through an IV and Idarubicin for three days. As Beth undergoes treatment, she must be away from her beautiful family, who she cherishes more than anything.
Beth is strong in her faith and has a solid support system of friends and family. She will continue to receive her treatments over the next few months. While Beth is away, her husband Paul, family and friends are holding the pieces together for her. Until she is able to return home, this campaign will help support and preoccupy her kids of her absence. You can follow Beth’s story on Caringbridge, as her treatment is changing daily!
As Beth herself would say:
'Trust in the Lord for he will lead you through the storm.'
“The gatekeeper opens the gate for Him, and the sheep hear His voice. He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out. When He has brought out all His own, He goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow Him because they know His voice.” John 10: 3-4
'The beauty of it, just like the lost sheep, He never leaves us. He is always there waiting, ready to pick us up and carry us. It brings her so much peace. She can feel Him carrying her. It is such a relief to fully let go and just be held, and even though sometimes we stray, He has never left, especially now when we need Him most.'

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