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Georgia found out on Halloween of this year that she has B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). This has been an incredibly difficult diagnosis for her, as she is a very active seven-year-old, who loves softball, gymnastics, and all things science! Our house is in the middle of some form of science experiment at all times lol. Georgia loves hanging out with her baby brother, Ellis, and all of her pets. She cannot wait to be back home with them. She’s currently at St. Jude’s receiving treatment and is fighting extremely hard! We are so proud of her! GO GK!


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Bracelets 4 Georgia Kate
    Bracelets 4 Georgia Kate

    1: Pink P4GK Bracelet 2: Green & Orange GO GK Bracelet 3: Rainbow Smiley Face P4GK Bracelet 4: Black 'GK' Cross Bracelet 5: Adjustable 'GK' Rope Bracelet