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In 2016 Mary Catherine and Burt Ogilvie were packed and ready to go on a trip to celebrate their 5 year anniversary when she got the diagnosis: Stage 3 breast cancer.  With no family history of breast cancer, a healthy lifestyle and a 2 year old, this news was a complete shock. 

Needless to say, this was a complete shock to otherwise healthy 36-year-old Mary Catherine, her husband Burt, and their 2-year old son James. 8 Months of treatment,  including chemo and radiation, followed by countless surgeries, and hormone therapy have all been a part of her ordeal. 

With all of the craziness of 2020, M.C. had to delay a hysterectomy from June to October.  By the time the surgery was performed, the devastating discovery was made that the breast cancer had returned spread to her reproductive system and liver.  Her cancer is now classified as Metastatic (Stage 4).  After six months of treatment, her doctors found that the tumors had grown and a new treatment plan was needed.  Further investigation revealed that the cancer had mutated from HR+ to Triple Negative, the most aggressive kind of breast cancer

Traditional treatments were no longer a good option, and doctors recommended a clinical trial at MD Anderson in Houston.  She will spend at least 8 weeks receiving chemotherapy that has never before been used in humans to try to stop the further growth of her tumors.   She requests specific prayers that medication will be effective for the long term with tolerable side effects.   More than anything, M.C. wants to continue being a vibrant wife, mother, and friend and continue to live life to its fullest.  

M.C., Burt, and James (now 7) have continued to be a devoted, fun-loving, dynamic family throughout this journey.  Their love for one another is evident to everyone they meet.  Having each other, in addition to the support of their extended family, friends, and community has meant the world to them.  They have truly seen God’s goodness throughout their struggle, reaffirming Mary Catherine’s belief and favorite quote, “God is with us through each other.”  



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