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At a routine ultrasound 12 weeks into their pregnancy, Carlyle and John Hoogland received news that their baby girl was presenting with some abnormalities. After an amniocentesis, it was confirmed that she has full Trisomy 13, a rare and fatal chromosomal abnormality. This means there are three copies of the 13th chromosome, which occurs all throughout the body and affects every cell. Babies who are affected by this disorder will pass away shortly after birth, if they survive delivery.
Carlyle and John testify that even though Holly’s sweet little life will be short, her life is not a mistake. God loves Holly and created her in His image. Her physical body may not be suited for this life, but the spiritual essence of her is perfect and eternal. She is a gift with which they have been entrusted, and their role is to love her for as long as they can. Holly will be welcomed into the world with love and comfort in August.
Carlyle and John, along with their bereavement doula, Kila Gonzales of I Will Carry You, and generous donor, Bo Powers of 4POWERS, LLC, have donated a Caring Cradle in Holly’s name to Willis Knighton South. This priceless gift of time will help countless families experiencing infant loss in honor of Holly Diane Hoogland.

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