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At 13 weeks gestation, baby Elliana was diagnosed with encephalocele. Most times this is a fatal diagnosis. Doctors said she would have a 0% chance at any quality of life outside the womb, therefore termination was suggested. Of course that was off the table, because she had a heartbeat.

On December 6, 2022, Elliana Kate was born, screaming! She exceeded every expectation of the nurses and doctors that were to care for her. She rewrote all the rules at the hospital! She is a true miracle. She has been transferred to Philadelphia for a surgery, and it will take place the first week of February. She will have a surgery to close her skull defect. Mom and dad will stay with Ellie for a few weeks for monitoring. If all is well, they’ll get to come home! She turns 2 months old on the 6th and is so strong!

Donations and proceeds will go to the family for medical travel expenses and Ellie’s medical care.


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Donate for Ellie
    Donate for Ellie

    Donation for Ellie   **No Bracelets Delivered. 100% of Donations go Directly to the Family**