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On June 30, 2021, Easton nearly drowned at his home swimming pool.  It is ONLY by the grace and goodness of God that Easton survived this near fatal event.  Several medical professionals were at his house that evening and were able to perform high quality CPR and rescue breathing.  He was without a pulse and oxygen for nearly 7 minutes.  Their heroic actins ensured that he not only lived but that he also did not suffer an anoxic brain injuries.  The community coming together as a body of believers and lifting Easton up in prayer to our Heavenly Father was amazing.  God truly worked a MIRACLE in Easton’s life.


Unfortunately, many drowning victim’s stories do not turn out this way.  In the US, 11 people die each day from drowning and up to 10 times that many people receive treatment for drowning related injuries.  Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1-4. Eighty-seven percent of drowning fatalities happen in home pools or hot tubs for children younger than 5.  Learning to swim can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent for 1 to 4 year old’s who take formal swimming lessons.


*We would like a portion of proceeds to go to the scholarship program for underprivileged children in the Shreveport-Bossier area to receive formal swimming lessons at The Swim School.*



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