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  • The “Colten” bracelets are in memory of Colten Miller, who we will remember always as a treasured friend and student. Colten was a Freshman at Loyola College Prep and was known widely by his classmates and teachers.

    Blue was Colten’s favorite color and is incorporated into one of his bracelets along with a video game controller charm. Included on two of his bracelets are his initials, as to always serve as a way to remember and cherish him.
  • The “Aubrey” bracelets are in memory of Aubrey Bailes, a beloved friend and student. Aubrey was a Senior at Loyola College Prep and was avid in her faith. She was a member of the Loyola Bowling Team, the Drama Club, a member of the International Thespian Society and a member of FAITH. Aubrey was also a Second Degree Blackbelt in Tang Soo Do.

    One of her bracelet colors represents the Loyola Bowling Team’s uniform & color of her favorite bowling ball. Also included as a part of that bracelet is a silver bowling charm along with her initials.

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Colten & Aubrey BraceletsColten & Aubrey Bracelets
    Colten & Aubrey Bracelets

    The 'Colten' Bracelets: Blue & White Vinyl discs with a Video Game Controller Charm and his initials, CWM Black Leather Rope Bracelet with Bronze Initials, CWM   The 'Aubrey' Bracelets Assorted Pink, White & Pastel...